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Ponmakal Charitable Trust

‘Service to Mankind is Service to God’ is the motto, mission and vision of Ponmakal Charitable Trust which was founded by eminent philanthropists Dr. R. Subramanian, Correspondent, Veveaham Group of Schools, Shri. K. Boopathy, Secretary and Directors Shri.Natarajan, Dr. Kanagaraj and Shri. Vijayakumar.  Right from the inception till today a tremendous growth has been observed and the sapling has grown into a big tree as Veveaham Higher Secondary School, Veveaham Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Veveaham Prime Academy (CBSE) and Veveaham Kids school (Kidzee)

The objective of running Ponmakal Charitable Trust is to serve the rural society of Tirupur District. 

The Trust does not expect any rewards for its services.  The main aim is to help the needy and serve the society by offering high quality education with financial support.

•    The stake holders who receive the service from the Trust include students, parents, teachers, non teaching staff, other employees and the society live around the schools.

•    Students are given prime importance above all.  Toppers scholarship is offered by the Trust for 6th to 12th students based on their marks during the study.  By this, in each section, 75% of the students are given scholarship to continue their study.

•    Students who have scored good marks in the 10th public examination are given fairly good amount of scholarship in the XI std and XII standard.  It amounts more than 2 crores for the Trust every year as an expense.

•    Poor students are selected by district collector and they are given free education with free boarding and lodging.  Since government supports only partially to the expense, the Trust bears major expense for them.  Every year around Rs.25 lakhs is provided by the Trust for this purpose.

•    As far as bus fee is concerned 50% concession is offered for all dayscholars.  In this regard, the incurred expense of 60 lakhs is borne by the Trust from other sources of income.

•    A fleet of buses plies for non - residential students to commute to school and for hostellers to go home and come back during hostel holidays.  Taking into consideration the safety of the students, staff and employees, all the buses have been insured for a sum of Rs. 21 lakhs every year.  Free pick up and drop facility for all the employees is provided.

•    With the service mind, Ponmakal Trust has extended medical support in the school premises and the hostel block.

•    The medical room has been set up in the school premises with staff and a few emergency medical equipment.

•    In the hostel, there is a care centre and a qualified nurse is appointed to take care of the students.  more than that clinic facility is provided inside the school campus and visiting doctor is taking care of the health of the students and staff members every day.

•    In addition to the above, three vans with drivers and a hospital incharge are provided by the Trust for taking the students to the hospital in case of need.

•    The trust always pays attention to the comfort and welfare of the students.  The Trust has arranged to supply uninterrupted electric power with the support of a generator with a full load capacity and a standby identical generator.  A mobile generator unit of 35 KVA capacity is also much helping the power problems in any located places. 


•    The Trust ardently cares for the health and hygiene of students, staff and the employees by supplying R,O purified and UV treated water for drinking and cooking purpose.


•    The trust believes that the staff members are pillars of the institutions.  To support the staff members monetarily, even casual leave for the days in credit is being encashed 

•    Any member of staff who has a 100% attendance will be benefitted with salary for 24 days, a double benefit.

•    Any member of staff who does not take loss of pay leave will be given a special bonus.

•    The seasoned generous members of Ponmakal Charitable Trust honour the teacher by giving incentives for producing centum scorers in their subjects.

•    Employees Provident Fund is created for all employees. More than 4 lakhs is paid for them every month.

•    The children of employees are given fully or partly free education by the Trust. 

•    Charity begins at home.  Ponmakal Charitable Trust is well known for its generosity and hospitality.  Delicious lunch is served for parents and dayscholars students at a subsidized rate.

•    Free boarding and lodging is provided for residential teaching and non teaching staff. Free breakfast and lunch are also provided for all the drivers, conductors, mess workers, gardeners, the house keeping workers and for the security personnel.

•    Taking social responsibility is the duty of every citizen.  To support the flood affected people in Kerala, materials worth Rs. 1.50 lakhs were sent to Kerala as relief fund with the partial, monetary support by the trust. 

•    Every year utensils, bedspreads and blankets are provided by the students with the partial support for the students and staff members to the inmates of old age homes and orphanages in order to respect and show kindness.

•    When Cuddalore was badly affected and people were suffering without food and shelter during Tsunami, the Trust was there to extend its contribution of Rs.2.5 lakhs worth materials without any hesitation with the support of students and staff members.

•    All the employees of the transport department, mess workers, housekeeping and securities are gifted with bonus amount for Diwali.

•    It is happy for every Trust member to known that the employment for around 2800 people from in and around Dharapuram is provided so far from the inception of the school.  Presently more than 500 teaching and non teaching staff are working.  Many staff members have settled here with their family.

•    The objective for which the Trust was created is obviously satisfied.  It is not the end.  If the Almighty bless more, the philanthropists are ready to support the poor people to lift their life and to live on par with others and to offer equality in economic, social and educational status. 

Let us live, Let us support others to live. 

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