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Hostel life

The Salient features of the Hostel

A well furnished hostel is available for girls and boys separately. The rooms are well furnished and facilities like fan, tube light, cupboard etc., are provided for the comfortable living to the residents. Vegetarian and Non- Vegetarian food are made available in the mess with modern kitchen and furnished dining hall. Medical Facilities, Laundry, Hair Dressing facilities, provision store and, Xerox Centre are available for the convenience of the students staying in the hostel. The Hostel administration is carried out by the Warden with the assistance of a Deputy Warden. Resident Proctors are available to take certain preventive measures to the students.


 A Few highlights of Hostel

·         To create the homely atmosphere for the students with parental guidance and care with discipline.

·         To cater the relaxed ambience and the environment conducive to the overall growth of students in different aspects of development

·         To take the preventive steps so that no grievance is developed and safety of students is ensured.

·         To arrange the bus facilities for students on Hostel Holidays( to various districts)

·         To arrange the bus facilities for Parents Visitors days on (from Bus stop to School)

·         To resolve the complaints and grievances’ in the most possible speediest and smooth way to ensure the trust of hostel occupants.

·         To integrate and co-ordinate the functions of all the agencies & staff engaged in welfare of students.

·         Provision of adequate number of housekeeping staff to manage each block of the hostel.

·         Toilet   cleaning two   times  a  day  and daily compound cleaning by housekeeping staff.

·         Provision of sports facility like volleyball, basketball, table tennis, carom boards, chess and cricket.

·         Surveillances of CCTV recording facility in every corridor & entrances of every block Camera & backup storage facility for minimum of  one month duration- for monitoring and security purposes.

·         Posting  of adequate security guard to protect the Campus round use clock.

·         Maintaining Beautification of surroundings with green of garden, lawns and floral plants.





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